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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

“It’s a Wonderful Life”

Do you ever wonder why you were born? Do you wonder what purpose you serve here on earth? Are there times you just don’t see how you can carry on? Do you wonder why things happen? Rest assured you are not alone. For those of you who follow my blogs you will understand when I say that I have had many of those questions and continue to have those questions far too often. This time of year brings out many of those questions for a lot of people. Well, let me tell you a little story. (If you have not read last week’s edition of my blog, read it first before you continue)

For quite some time now one of my brothers has challenged me to watch the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life”. He was quite adamant about it to the point where, two weeks ago when I told him I had seen the movie on sale, he was quite upset that I had not purchased it. Ironically enough the movie happened to be on TV last weekend so I took the time to watch it. It’s a movie that was filmed in 1946 and tells the story of a man who has various roadblocks thrown in his way as he pursues goals in his life. Towards the end of the movie financial ruin comes his way and the effect of that convinces him that suicide is the only way out. Long story short an angel appears and in a really poignant way reveals to this man the positive impact he has had on many different people in his life. Impacts that were virtual and positive life changers for many. At the end of the story many of this man’s friends come forward and provide the resources required to save his business. Interesting story, could probably have been told in less than three hours, but a good change from the action movies I prefer watching.

Now look back at the story I posted last week. It has been interesting to hear from many of you how random acts of kindness have had an impact on your lives. Well, early this morning I found out through a friend and colleague that the woman who I had paid groceries for had written a letter to the editor in the local paper expressing her feelings about the incident. In her words “without knowing it, a complete stranger has made this Christmas one that I will never forget”.

Why am I writing this? Certainly not to pat myself on the back. Rather it is sharing with you how I am finding more clarity and purpose in my life. There are two points that jump out at me from these two stories. One is, and HEAR ME when I say that each one of us has positive impacts on people around us. Never could I have imagined the impact my actions would have on someone else. It was not a great deal of money and I was quite content and pleasantly surprised with the warmth I felt for having done something that I felt somewhat insignificant. Secondly, finding out what impact my actions had on someone else just put the icing on the cake. The challenge being to ensure that I take the time to appreciate others, and show that appreciation, for all those who do so much for me.

I now know that I have discovered the real meaning of Christmas. Make it a good one.

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