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Friday, August 5, 2011

A Friday Rant

I feel the need to rant. Not sure why and not sure who or what to use as a target. I read stuff in the newspaper, on Facebook. I watch news on TV. And it gets to the point where the attitude, the seeming ineptitude, the sheer nerve of some people upset me. Why is that? So I need to pick a target and get it off my chest.

I have been shopping for a vehicle for the last few weeks. What a frustrating experience. Why can my car not last forever? I would rather go to a dentist. It takes about an hour. It hurts. It costs too much money. But a few, mere hours later all is forgotten. But not with a purchasing a car. The pain never goes away. Can it not be simple?

For a few months I have known that my car was in not going to last too much longer. I have reached the point in kilometers where, historically, cars have died on me. 300,000 kms. Not bad. I don’t really expect any more out of a vehicle. Yeah, I know. There are those that can milk 400 or even 500,000 kilometers out of a vehicle. Not me. But I am okay with that. I have to downshift going up hills or when I need to pass someone. Often when I start off at stop signs or traffic lights the transmission slips. The car over heats when I am in rush hour traffic. The air conditioner blows hot air when I stop. The windshield is cracked vertically and horizontally. There are certain vibrations and noises coming from my wheels. The body is in decent shape. That is till I experienced a hit and run incident a few weeks ago. That is enough to send my blood pressure soaring. The nerve. I feel violated. What can I do? If I get that repaired it will cost me my deductible. Add up all the repairs and it becomes prohibitive. Never mind that almost anything else could break down soon.

The next problem is we cannot decide what to buy. My wife thinks we need a truck. I would be quite satisfied with a car. Perhaps an SUV would be a good trade off.
So I have visited a few dealerships. I have tried to be patient. I find it difficult to negotiate. Just tell me what the best price is and I will decide. Stopped at a dealership in Swan River when I was up there for a meeting. They had a truck for sale that looked to be just what I wanted. The price was close to what I would spend on a truck. Two questions. What is the best price you can give me on the truck? What will you give me in trade for my car? Simple. Right? Well, the best price on the truck was the one I had been given. As far as a value for my car? He wasn’t sure. He didn’t want to insult me. I could not get a straight answer. So I said I would think about it and left. I lied. I didn’t think about it. I was frustrated. Two days later he phoned. Wanted to know whether I was interested in the truck. Wondering whether I would buy if they sweetened the deal. Excuse me? Sweeten the deal? What deal? I thought you gave me the best price.

So the saga continues. Visited a Ford dealer. Thought I should check out their SUVs. We told the salesman what we were looking for and what our price range was. He said he had a few of those and would be right back. He popped back in the office and told us how an elderly lady had traded off a car that we might want and said he would pull it around front for us. Before I had a chance to say anything he was gone. I looked at my wife with total confusion. A car? I wanted to see an SUV. I humoured him. Looked at the car. Nice car. BUT THAT IS NOT WHAT I WAS THERE FOR. Never did get to see a SUV.

What next? Not sure. Wish this could be easier. Actually, if money grew on trees it would be. However, when you are limited on what you can spend it is not quite as easy. I will push onward. I will persevere. It will happen. Just not sure when. So if you happen to see an old, red Grand Prix sitting by the side of the road, please stop. I may need a ride. Until next time, make it a good one.

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