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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

What Men Know About. . . .?

My daughter got a book given to her by a patient. That night when she got home she showed it to her mother. I noticed the title from where I was sitting and was instantly intrigued. Sounded interesting, although I was a little suspicious. The title of the book is “Everything Men Know About Women”. Some of you may have seen it, even read it. When I finally had the chance to peruse it I obviously read the back cover first. It spoke highly of the author and his knowledge on the subject. It mentioned frequently asked questions about the subject. So I decided to take a chance and opened the book.

The first page was blank. The second page was blank. The third page was blank. I was thinking to myself that the author had a sense of humour. That’s a good thing. After turning a few more pages I finally came to the realization that the entire book was blank pages. Ha ha. Funny. But it did get me thinking.

So what do men know about women? For those of you who think that I will answer that, well. . . it aint gonna happen. Trust me, I am no expert on this although I do have some thoughts. Most of these thoughts are best left unsaid. I golfed with a couple on Monday and made the mistake of making a snide remark about women’s tees and equality. I was reminded that they are no longer called women’s tees. They are now known as the advanced tees. Goes to show what I know about women. Enough said.

So if I can’t talk about that I will make some comments about men. Perhaps make excuses for us males not knowing more about women. I googled the title of the book as I wanted more information on the author. A few points of interest. First off, the author of my daughter’s book was not the first author to venture there. After some research, and I use that term loosely particularly in light of the subject, I noticed that the other authors had the same information. None. Secondly, and I am serious, the first site I went to listed numerous books that were for sale. It was a “book store” site. The third book in line was “How To Live With A Big Penis”. Perhaps that answers the original question. What do men know. . .? Need I say more? And yes, I realize that that title can be taken in more ways than one.

Last year, enroute to Toronto, I passed the time reading the latest issue of the MacLeans magazine. Came across an interesting point. Apparently men started using protective cups in 1874. It was not till 1974 that they started using helmets. It took us 100 years to realize that our heads are important too. The good news here is that we are making progress. Albeit rather slowly. Who knows what nuggets of knowledge we will pick up in the next 100 years.

So let me close off here before I really get in trouble. I admit it. As a man I am only capable of so much knowledge retention. I am reminded of the closing scene of every Red Green show. You know the one where all the guys are sitting in the basement of the Possum Lodge? They close with the following statement; “I'm a man, but I can change, If I have to, I guess”. That is what I am going with. Now, all I have to do is remember my wife’s birthday. That will be a good first step. Make it a good one.

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