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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

I want to take just a minute of your time. In essence Christmas started some time ago and will carry on for some time to come. In a typical Mennonite fashion, my Christmas keeps going and going. The family gatherings often start well before Christmas and run into the New Year. Fun,fun. Worse than the every ready bunny. Or is it the energizer bunny? I can’t remember.

I thought the shopping was done. I risked life and limb to drive in Winnipeg during a snowfall to pick up some gifts. Needed three gifts. Same item. One store sold out. Across the city one other store had three left. Refused to put them aside for me. I had to hurry. Enough to lose any Christmas spirit I might have had. I made it. Got the three gifts. Only said a few bad words. Made it home in one piece. A week later I was reminded that we have a grandchild. That is special but required another trip to a shopping mall.

Now that the hustle and bustle of shopping, cleaning the house, preparing food and getting ready is over, let’s eat. For the last few days we have had our kids at home. It has been special. Spent a lot of time with my grandson. I must be getting old. I enjoyed sitting back, grandson on my lap, and watching everyone laugh and have a good time.

It is the time of year to make memories. On that note let me share the following poem with you.

Memories are a special house
We build inside ourselves
Where love and laughter linger,
Where all our past life dwells.
On holidays like Christmas
We can draw upon the store,
Reliving happy times
And feeling all that warmth once more.
Wherever we may travel,
This house is always there
To help to blend the old and new,
To build on . . . grow . . . and share.
This house can never get too full,
Just grow from floor to floor,
Because the joy of memories
Is always making more.

So to all of you from all of me. Merry Christmas. Make it a good one.

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