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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Great Debate

I am in the mood for a debate. Not sure why that is. My wife would suggest that it is my genetics. She thinks that my siblings and I like to goad each other on till a debate breaks out. Then things tend to get somewhat loud. Gives her a headache.

Perhaps it is my line of work. When I mediate I need to keep my opinions to myself. As one mediator once told me I need to keep my feelings on the shelf. All though that was my brother that said that and he is the first to bait someone into a debate. So not sure I can trust his advice.

My wife will even suggest that I start debates at home just so I have something to mediate. Seems to me that would be a good thing. The mediating part, that is. After all mediators are peacemakers, right? Okay. I admit it. Not always.

So what should we debate? Or are you not joining me? Perhaps I will debate with myself. That actually happens a lot. Particularly when I am in the car by myself. Usually not pleasant conversations. Those tend to become noisy as well. And the language leaves something to be desired.

Let’s see. Christmas is coming. I could jump into the age old debate about the need to be politically correct. Wish people a Happy Holiday rather than a Merry Christmas. I wrote about that a few years ago. So that ship has sailed. Been there, bought the t-shirt. Although I must say that there seems to be an increasing sentiment out there that follows my view. A shift from a few years ago. Wish me anything you want, positive of course, and I will accept that good wish and wish you a Merry Christmas.

How about snow tires? Want to talk about them? We have had some interesting debates in our house regarding the use of snow tires. My wife is a strong advocate. Me? Not so much. Although I need to analyze my viewpoint. Is it because I am male and feel I need to prove something? Is it because I feel it is an unnecessary expense and that people should drive based on the conditions and if they do that there will not be a problem? I feel paranoid about stating my opinion too assertively because sure as I am sitting here I will end up paying for my comments. Another “told you so” experience. Those wreak havoc with my pride and self-esteem.

So what else is there? We could debate politics. Enough happening in that arena to talk about for many days, weeks and years to come. I don’t want to go there. I suspect I will run into some of those discussions as we get together with family and friends over the holidays. (I know. I said holidays rather than Christmas.) I am always puzzled why a certain segment (read political leaning) of our population insists on being insulting when they hear political viewpoints other than their own. So, again, I try and stay away from those debates.

What does that leave? Perhaps it is like the radio host said who, by the way, is one of those that like to present their political views by being rude and insulting. “For God’s sake, can we not just be nice for the few short weeks around the Christmas season.” I am going with that and perhaps we can bring ourselves to be that way year round. Isn’t that a novel idea? That would really lend credence to our words around Christmas. The words that are said so often. “Peace and good tidings to all.” Make it a good one.

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