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Friday, February 28, 2014

Signing A Pre-cup

Yip. You think I just lost it. No worries. I lost it a long time ago. I have had a few interviews over the last couple of weeks. No problem there. I enjoy doing them. However, the one regarded pre-nup agreements. Really? Wondering what I could possibly add to that. I was actually quoted. Talked about open and forthright communication. That is important in any circumstance.

Today I heard a new one. A pre-cup agreement. This situation came about because of the Roll Up The Rim to win. What a ghastly time of year is this? Promises of major winnings. A brighter future. Perhaps a car. Maybe coffee. Worst case scenario? A donut. Okay. I lied. Worst case scenario? “Please try again”. Some may argue that.

The story came from someone that took a friend out for coffee to Timmies. A double double I bet. Doesn’t that sound typical? Apparently one person bought the other a coffee. They rolled up the rim and the one who got a free coffee won a hundred dollar Timmies gift card. So far so good.

How do you roll up the rim? Admit it. We all frequent the joint just to get one of those cups. Don’t you find some irony in the fact that now other donut shops are offering some sort of roll up the rim contest? I have found that using my teeth works best. Fingers don’t work that well. So I use my mouth. Then I got to thinking about how it must feel for the employees to be grabbing these cups with my spit all over it. Not to mention the fact that others probably do the same. So then after having handled someone else’s gob soaked cup the employee grabs a muffin for me. And they never washed their hands. The more I think about it the worse it gets. Perhaps it would be best to avoid these places as long as they have these contests happening.

So the person who had not paid for the coffee won the prize. The person who paid felt that the prize belonged to him. A conflict ensued. I think they needed a mediator. After all. This could become messy. Remember a few years ago. The story out of Quebec? Me neither.

So the donut shop known as Timmies has come up with a plan. A pre-cup agreement. Really. That reminds me of the time we went to the World Curling Championship opening ceremonies in Brandon. We went with another couple. When we finally found our table it became clear that two of us would have to navigate around to the other side. No problem. Me being the nice person I volunteered that my wife and I would go to the other side. At each place setting was a truck key. Long story short is that the seat I first got to was the lucky seat. Because of my kindness I did not win. Should have had a pre-nup. Wait a minute. A pre-cup. No, that does not work either. A pre-truck? Who cares. Didn’t have one.

So in case you plan on buying someone a coffee in the foreseeable future make sure you have a pre-cup agreement. You may laugh. You may scoff. But think about it. You buy your friend, colleague, neighbor a coffee. They win a car. What are you going to do? It could become very unpleasant. Just visit the Timmies website. You can print a pre-cup agreement and have one handy should you feel generous. Did I really say that? Did I really write this? Make it a good one.

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