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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Fools, Fanatics, Or Wise

What do they say? An idle mind is the devil’s workshop? Not sure how that goes but me thinks I can relate. Sunday morning started out with some promise. As one eye opened I saw the sunrise. My heart leapt with joy. I had gone to bed the night before thinking my golf game would be rained out. Here I found myself hoping. I jumped out of bed, and if you believe that I have some other stories for you, to check the forecast. Truth be told I dragged my sorry butt out of bed to see what awaited me.

To the east the sky looked clear. Although I would not know that because our house is not in line with the world. What would appear to be east is actually more north. To the west I saw clouds. Although, again, to the west is actually more to the south. However, if all else fails, check the internet. Ooops. Does not look good. Rain coming. What to do?

Ended up sitting at home all day. Never sure what the weather would do. Not a problem except midway through the afternoon my wife and I found ourselves gazing out the window at our deck. We had known for a while that work would have to be done but were not sure whether we had the energy or resources to do what needed to be done. I suppose it was a weak moment. Perhaps the monotony was a driving force. Call it what you may. We decided it was time. At least to do part of it.

So I started. Now wishing I had not. What earlier looked like a doable project has turned into a muscle aching, heart rendering project that may never end. Okay. I may be overstating that. But I do hurt. And to think I have a golf game to maintain. Wait a minute. There is nothing to maintain. That too, is a work in progress.

So part way through this week my son sent me a quote. It got me thinking, which comes as no surprise to most of you. Thinking about quotes is what I do best. Here goes. “The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are so certain of themselves but wise people are so full of doubt.” (Bertrand Russell)

Perhaps I may go where I should not. But I will. I find it interesting how people have certain opinions. They stand staunchly for what they believe in. Sometimes I wonder if they have actually thought this through. Whether politically, religiously or any other way there might be, people hang their hats on certain beliefs and stand by that. They maintain that their beliefs or opinions are the one and only.

Sometimes I am envious of those people. Perhaps it makes the world easier to understand. Then again how do I understand when I discover that there are many that have different belief systems than I do? There are many that are experiencing life in a different way than I am. There are cultural differences. As far as I am concerned we do not live in a black and white world. There are various, dare I say many, different shades of gray. We must remain cognizant of that.

Having said that I will quit while I am ahead, if that is possible. So at the end of it all I am still uncertain which category I fall into. A fool, fanatic, or someone that is filled with doubts? I know I am filled with doubts. Whether politically, spiritually, or in any other sense of this world I live in. Does that make me wise? Me thinks not. But I am working on it. Make it a good one.

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