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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Wasn’t That a Party

So in what could be considered to be the blink of an eye it is over. For so long we had planned, looked forward to, and prepared. Now the whole experience seems but a mere memory, already fading as thoughts about work take hold.

We left Prince Edward Island early this morning. Although, truth be told, we came close to spending another day there. For some strange reason I had not checked the itinerary and as a result showed up at the airport just as passengers were beginning to board. Thank goodness for small airports. We got on the flight. Made it to Toronto to barely catch our connecting flight. But we did. And were back in sunny Manitoba by morning coffee break. Wait a minute. There was nothing really pleasant about the weather we came back too. Cold and dreary. But we are home nonetheless.

For some reason travelling by air has lost its appeal for me. It probably didn’t help that I was not able to have my usual quota of coffee this morning. You finally get on the plane, find your seat, hoist carryon luggage into the overhead bin, I still don’t think it would have fit the rack they have in front to measure these things and I know for a fact it was overweight but who was I to argue, and throw yourself into a space that was meant for people much shorter than I. And before the plane had reached cruising altitude and I had had a chance for caffeine, the woman in front of me reclined her seat. Not gently but with an attitude. At that point I was ready to. . . . Not going there.

Ever wonder about the marvel of flight? I spent some time thinking about that this morning. I have always been intrigued with things that float and things that fly. The cottage we had rented sat on the shores of a bay that is utilized by cruise ships and freighters. Massive steel vessels that, for some strange reason, stay afloat and move through the water rather gracefully. It was neat to see.

Back to planes. Quite frankly you don’t want to think about it too much. It could be compared to sitting in a culvert with wings. Held together by rivets and silicone. Okay, I made that up. After speeding down the runway it hurls itself into the air. It was okay till we hit turbulence. Something that felt similar to driving too fast down a country road full of washboard, or most any street in Winnipeg. It made me really wonder what keeps those things together and in the air. Like I say. You really don’t want to think about it too much.

Here I am back on terra firma. Made it. Mission accomplished. Our daughter got married. It was a success. Provided us with the opportunity to see the culture, the community that helped shape our son-in-law’s life. Met his family. Met his friends. It was an awesome experience.

Also had the opportunity to connect and socialize with friends and family that made the trek out east for the festivities. To be able to sit back, enjoying the view, eating good food, and connecting with friends is the ultimate. There may be differing opinions, there may be certain passions that arise, but at the end of the night we can look back and say, “wasn’t that a party”. And here we are, back home, continuing with the reality called life. Make it a good one.

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