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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Rollercoaster

I came across a news article today about the world’s tallest rollercoaster catching fire and collapsing. I never have been a rollercoaster fan. If I want that adrenaline rush I just turn or nod my head really fast. Provides for the same uncomfortable feeling. In days of old I could get the same feeling from drinking too much.

However, I find my life being similar to a rollercoaster. Ups and downs. Never sure what is waiting around the corner or over the next hill. But that is life. Those are adaptations we need to make. But, and I don’t like using that word because I have been taught it is a verbal eraser, sometimes adapting is difficult.

Three weeks ago we were celebrating our daughter’s wedding out east. I can’t say enough of the fun we had. Getting together with friends and family. Meeting new people. Re-establishing relationships that have been building over the years as we got to re-acquaint ourselves with our son-in-law’s family and friends.

Then, as you know, we came back to my mother being in the hospital, not doing well. She did pass on. That took me from on top of the coaster to the bottom. Though not unexpected it still takes its toll and thrusts you into another world where nothing seems right. Everything is out of balance. So the funeral needs to be planned and a home cleaned up. A flurry of activity that leaves very little time for reflection. Perhaps that can come now.

As a side note. Although the rollercoaster hit bottom there were certain things that helped with keeping perspective. The support shown by many was incredible. Flowers when you least expected them. Phone calls just to show support. Emails from friends. People stepping forward to help. Quite frankly, renewed my faith in people.

Now that the smoke has settled on that we need to get back to planning a wedding social taking place in a couple of weeks. Looking forward to that although we know it will be a pile of work. Also knowing that if all goes well I will be back on top of the rollercoaster.

I suppose that is simply a commentary on life. We have our ups and downs. Occasionally the ups take us higher than we expected which is a good thing. Occasionally the lows take us lower than we would like to go. Lower than we feel comfortable. Unfortunately we are on a ride that does not always allow us to get on or off. We need to go with the flow.

And as is often the case life does not allow us the luxury of deciding on which ride we are on. I recall many years ago going on the ride called “Drop of Doom” at the West Edmonton Mall. Probably a story for another day. However the point is that once you are strapped in you are there for the ride. I survived that ride although as tightly as my body was clenched I discovered muscles I didn’t know I had. I survived. That is the lesson I am taking from the ride I am on now.

My wife just asked me what had happened to the nights that we could lie on the couch and watch TV. Those days will come again. It will be relaxing. But till we get there we are on the ride. We are strapped in. Nothing can stop us now. Hang on baby. Make it a good one.

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