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Monday, January 25, 2016

Without Remedy

I have alluded to, in the past, about preparing a presentation for Agdays. Those that have not heard of that show it is an annual event held in Brandon. It is huge. Anyone that has ever been at the Keystone Center knows how big it is. And they use every available nook and cranny to host the 500 exhibitors they get. And there are another 80 on a waiting list. And that is what the 40,000 attendees get to see. So needless to say it is a show.

The night prior to my presentation I awoke at the friendly hour of 2 am. Kept thinking about what I was going to say. For some strange reason this presentation was bothering me. Not sure why. Perhaps because I had heard numerous presentations on my morning treadmill routine. Perhaps I had researched how to do effective presentations. Perhaps it was because there is fine line between to many and too few PowerPoint slides. Maybe I had too much information.

Needless to say, I did what I needed to do. And did not feel good about it. I had too much information. And when half way through I came to that realization I began skipping stuff. And then it became a challenge of syncing the PowerPoint with my notes with what I felt was important to say.

Part of the challenges I spoke about was the problem many of us have in getting hung up about the past. To the point of not even recognizing what is in the present and the opportunities for the future. I like the analogy of driving a car. Looking in the rear-view mirror, which is approximately 6 inches square, or through the windshield which is much larger. Obviously we have a much better view looking forward as compared to looking back. (Still working on the little message written on the mirror, “objects in mirror are closer than they appear”.)

It was Lady Macbeth that said “Things without all remedy should be without regard: what's done, is done”. Considering the fact that she was trying to placate her husband for his remorseful feelings for murdering others this may not be applicable. And yet, what is done is done. And for me there is no remedy. What can I do? I cannot undo what I did. What I can do is to reflect and grow from that. I know full well what I will do next time. Forget about second guessing my abilities, which some of you know I was doing, and learn from this experience.

There is a second part to this story. Late that evening, after having had a nap, I happened to go on Facebook. The timing was surreal. Just as I clicked on, my cousin posted a post about having heard me and how good it had been. I appreciated that. Made me think. Remember the Cuddle Hormone? Gave me a good dose of Oxytocin. When she said what she did I felt much better and had a better sleep after that. Thanks to her.

So I suppose that is what we do. We beat up on ourselves. We wish we could undo what we have done. And that is normal. All of us fail at times. We are human. But look at the good things in our lives. See your supports all around you. We can and we will make this journey. Lady Macbeth’s words maybe odd, coming from someone who co-conspired. However they hold a significant truth. There is no changing the past. What is done is done. Make it a good one.

Things without all remedy should be without regard: what's done, is done”.
Lady Macbeth

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