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Friday, October 8, 2010

The Common Cold

What an absolutely beautiful week we have had, weather wise. Just about when we thought summer had come and gone, just about when we had started thinking it might never stop raining and just about when grain farmers had given up on getting the crop off, we get a week of abnormally warm weather. Hopefully this weather will see the grain harvest begin wrapping up. And to think, the forecast for next week is predicting more of the same. Perhaps we can all find something to be thankful for this Thanksgiving weekend. Might actually consider dusting off the old clubs again. Although two weeks ago, when I last golfed, I swore high and low that was it for this year.

Although weather wise it’s been a good week, I am battling the mother of all colds. I have hacked, sneezed, coughed and sniffled my way through the week. The kind of cold where muscles ached. Just walking felt like a chore. In fact, because of my fever, I felt like I could feel every molecule in the air when I walked. And just about when I thought things were getting better I was told that the cold going around this year is one that comes back. Great. Is it my age or why does it seem that fighting a cold is becoming more difficult? Not only that, we can send people into space, we have technology that allows us to communicate instantaneously with anyone, at anytime, anywhere in the world, but we cannot find a cure for the common cold? Something is wrong with that picture.

Enough of that whining. A woman in my eye doctor’s office suggested that I was a man and I had a cold so everyone should treat me well. I detected some sarcasm in that comment. When I told my wife about it she agreed with that woman. I am reminded of the commercial where the guy is lying in bed suffering from a cold. His wife walks by the door and in a stuffed up, nasally, whining voice asks her to call his mother. Go figure. Why is it that mothers would be sympathetic?

So, okay, I will suffer in silence, get over this cold and carry on. Just wait till they catch this cold. Let’s see how they feel. That’s my story and I am sticking to it.

P.S. Bring on the turkey. If memory serves me right there is a saying that goes “feed a cold and starve a fever”. Or wait. Is it the other way around. Who cares? I’ll just eat. And, perhaps, a game of golf might help too. Make it a good one.

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