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Friday, February 25, 2011

I Am Back, But Do I Want to Be?

You know, it is tough getting back to work after some time off. What is even worse is spending some time in nice warm temperatures and then getting back to this long drawn out, cold, snowy, windy season called winter. It struck me in the last few days that getting away for rest and relaxation is a good concept but seems counterproductive when it takes two days of traveling and one night in an airport to get back home. Well, that is what happens when you go on a low budget holiday. But then again, low budget is better than no holiday.

As I told you last time, I was the lucky recipient of a promotional deal that saw us head of south for a week. After having agreed to this promotion, knowing something was not quite right, I was informed that all we needed to do was attend a two hour presentation. Anybody that has ever taken part in a “timeshare” promotion presentation knows that visiting a dentist has the potential of being more fun. But for the sake of some warm sunshine I accepted. Still had some air miles, collected a number of years ago so looked like a cheap holiday.

The night in the Montreal airport was a low point in the whole excursion. After having had a wonderful evening in old Montreal with family we were dropped off at the airport to await our next flight. It started out all right. A nice quiet corner with soft seats. It looked promising. But then it started. Other people joined us in this quiet corner. What kept me from sleeping initially was someone talking on a cell phone. Really? Was it necessary? Apparently so. As it turns out someone talking on a phone might have been the better part of that night. It did not take long and someone else started snoring. Well, let me tell you. Not often have I heard such ungodly sounds coming from another human being. It was awful. And when he took a break someone else started. I think this was planned. Kept me awake. Gave me anxiety attacks. Had lots of time to lay there and figure out why snoring bothered me as much as it does. Goes back about thirty years when I was forced to work with an elderly gentleman in a remote northern community. Turns out we had to share a bedroom in some private residence. The snoring was atrocious. Thought I would never sleep. Not pleasant.

Getting back to the airport. Finally got up and went to have coffee. Well, wouldn’t you know it. The snorer (not sure if that is even a word) comes into the coffee shop and sits down at the table next to me. Needless to say I had some thoughts at that point which are best left unsaid. My wife heard some of those thoughts and suggested that I approach this gentleman and point out to him how I felt about him and his snoring issues. Not sure why she would have suggested that. Perhaps because I have been a proponent of open and honest communication. I reminded her of one of the 12 steps in AA which says we should make right with people who we have hurt unless to do so would create unnecessary pain for that party. That is the excuse I used. Worked for me.

Final word. I was able to fill my emotional gas tank on our holidays. It was restful. Hoped to make it home with a full tank, however did lose some in the airport. I will survive. Just need to ensure I find ways to keep the emotional gas tank from running dry. Now if only it could start warming up here. Oh well. Make it a good one.

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