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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

In Like a Lion, Out like a . . . .?????

What is up with the weather. Seems like Spring will not arrive this year. Obviously even the ground hog was confused as it had predicted an early spring. Here we are March 1, (by the way, Happy Birthday to one of my sisters) and the temperature is way below normal. Like we are talking a high today of -23 which, if you care , is 20 degrees below normal. 20 degrees. When will it end??? So they say if March comes in like a Lion it will go out like a lamb. The Winnipeg Free Press reported that “March came in like a cranky, hung over, sleep deprived lion”. Good description, me thinks. I saw sun dogs this morning. That means another six weeks of cold temperatures. A friend told me last night he had heard that the long range forecast calls for heavy snow in March. As much snow as we have already had this winter, this does not bode well. On my way to the office this morning, driving across the bald prairies, the wind howling, the snow blowing I thought I was up in the Artic. Brought to mind some of the books I used to read by Farley Mowat. You know, Lost in the Barrens. I felt lost. Lost in this barren land of winter. I need a break. Wait a minute. I just had a break. How quickly we forget. Trying to console myself with the fact it’s a dry cold. Forget that. Not working. At this point cold is cold.

I met this week with my co-facilitator for the Farmer to Farmer workshops. He is a psychologist by trade and he informed me that this is the busiest time of year for them. Why? Because people are getting weary of the winter. Apparently this happens every year. No matter how we brag about being resilient Manitobans it does eventually get to us. Temporarily, those comments made me feel better. At least I am not alone. It is interesting how we take consolation knowing there are other people on the same journey as us. Sometimes that journey involves just simply surviving. And survive we will. Take advantage of the community you are part of. Talking helps. Sharing with people helps. Hearing others talk about their challenges helps.

Looking forward to learning some new coping skills as we kick off our Farmer to Farmer workshops. Focusing in on resilience. Reaffirming my ability to turn negative thoughts to positive thoughts. Hey, days are getting longer. There is some warmth in the sun. Spring is three weeks away. And trust me. I am counting on March going out like a lamb. What other option is there. Right? Make it a good one.

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  1. Hi Gerry,
    Weather is always something to talk about, Moncton has more snow than we do in the southwest..I am enjoying the sunbeams at the Moncton airport.
    Congratulations on the farmer to farmer workshops, we need more communication around the kitchen tables of our country's farms. Remember that it is okay to seek out help for "feeling down". Go to the doctor and make sure you are not suffering from depression or SADD.
    We all need to encourage each other in the last weeks of winter blahs...come for a visit to the farm ! Share stories and smile ! Elaine