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Saturday, March 12, 2011

The See Saw of Life

How many of you remember seesaws? Does teeter totter ring a bell? Look at that. Spell check let that go. I am on the right path. I have these people that read my blog who question some of my spelling choices. So I try to be more vigilant. Still cannot figure out when to use “to” and when to use “too”. Come to think of it I do not remember much from my English classes.

Getting back to seesaws. Whenever I think about work-life balance I imagine a seesaw. I recall how we would sometimes try to find a perfect balance. Of course, that could be a challenge based on the size of kids involved. I also recall having some kids jump off the seesaw and me landing on my butt with a thud. That could really hurt. I was chatting with a mediation client this week who compared his struggles to a seesaw. Sometimes up and sometimes down.

I did a presentation on Friday that was meant to challenge young farmers to have available to them the ability to keep balance in their lives. I had to admit to the group that my life was completely out of balance. At the beginning of the week I thought I had things scheduled in such a way that I would be able to manage a rather hectic week. Not so. It seemed that I was on the go from early morning till bedtime. And no, bedtime did not come soon enough some of those days. My wife did remind me that it was okay to say no when work seemed to overwhelm. I remember a friend sharing with me that he felt depression setting in when he was asked to give and he had nothing left to give. It is tough to say no when others are seeking help. Towards the end of the week I found myself slipping into a place that I had been able to avoid for some weeks now. That place where patience runs thin. My defences go up. I have little motivation and don’t seem to care the way I should. And worst of all I begin to ruminate about things that happened long ago. I was in a place where resentment and anger are quick to flare up. I think the emotional gas tank is running out AGAIN.

Thank goodness that Saturday came when it did. Spent some time today relaxing. Reading a book. Watched some golf. Even a little curling. Did venture outside, but not for long. Still cold. I still think that when Spring finally arrives I will feel better. But till then I must resort to practising what I preach. Learn to find more balance in my life. I know it can work. Make it a good one.

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