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Friday, April 15, 2011

Men are Like Waffles. . .

Ah hah. That got your attention. This is actually part of a book title. The full title is Men Are Like Waffles Women Are Like Spaghetti. A book written by Bill Farrel, exploring the intricacies of the human brain as it pertains to men and women. I have actually never read the book. The title says it all for me. My wife has read the book and we will sometimes joke (really not funny at all) about how the title perfectly explains the way she and I function. If you are not `getting` it just picture a waffle and a plate of spaghetti. A waffle is made up of many little squares. The point being that a man`s brain is like those squares. We are very compartmentalized. Whether by choice or by design, we prefer to think about one thing at a time. Do not want to complicate things. Why bother thinking ahead. We prefer the KISS (keep it simple stupid) way of operating. A woman`s brain, on the other hand, is designed like a pile of spaghetti. Completely incapable of focusing in on one thought only. They have this way of inter-linking thoughts, ideas, plans and conversation. Becomes complex. Tough for a guy to follow as he is only capable of thinking about one thing at a time. No wonder relations can become difficult.

I was part of a workshop this week entitled `Around the Kitchen Table`, dealing with communication and conflict management. Becomes quite interesting when you start analyzing different conflict management and communication styles. I brought up the waffle/spaghetti theory and enjoyed the ensuing discussion. Related to the group an experience that Rose and I had that very morning. I needed to drop my car off at the garage, have her pick me up, drop her off at work and then get to Brandon to facilitate the workshop. This journey started quite early in the morning, which I am confident, contributed to my thoughts. My wife began pointing out numerous things that I needed to be mindful of. The gas tank was only three eights full (as if I never check), the seat belt on the passenger side did not work so I would not be able to take any passengers with me(since when do I have passengers on a typical work day). I looked at her and as politely as I could, which was not easy considering the circumstances, suggested to her that my brain was only allowing me to think about driving from her workplace to my office and that was quite enough, thank you very much. Obviously I had picked my square on my waffle and that was good enough for me. She, on the other hand, had the spaghetti thing going full bore. Rationalizing everything that was and might be happening that day. Both for herself and for me. And then I wonder why she gets tired.

The day following the workshop I received an email from one of the participants that included a link to a YouTube video. The video features a comedian making similar points about the difference in the male and female brain, Check out . It should make you laugh. And, perhaps, help you understand, just a little better, one of the mysteries of life. Make it a good one.

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