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Friday, January 20, 2012

Some January Musings

Okay, actually some frivolous and vexatious thoughts and a question. I need help with the question. Read to the end and help me out.

The professional golf season started last week. Awesome. It was great to watch golf again. The season always starts in Hawaii. It looked beautiful. Wish I could have been there. It was great to see an “older” professional win. In fact, Steve Stricker was the second oldest winner of this season opening tourney. He is turning 45 this week. I took some pleasure in that, thinking that perhaps there is hope for me. I mean with my golf game. This week a Canadian is atop the leader board after the first day. From Weyburn, Saskatchewan none the less. Go Graham Delaet.

What’s up with the weather? Bizarre. Breaking all kinds of records. Will make the winter shorter. Good stuff. It was interesting to note that on January 5 the temperature at 7:30 in the morning was plus 1. It warmed up to plus 8 that day. I recall going for a round of golf late last fall, October 4th to be exact, when the temperature was minus 2 at 7:30 in the morning and it only warmed up to plus 7 during the day. It was a nicer day for golf in January. Go figure. I remember a similar January back in 1984. Then an older gentleman suggested to me that the last time this happened was in 1948. Well, I can’t remember that.

Speaking of nice weather. On Tuesday, January 10, I washed windows. On the outside. Bare hands. No problem. Two things strange about that. Number one, when is the last time you could wash windows in January? Oh right. 1948. I already forgot. The second strange thing about this is that I washed windows. That’s right. Me, myself and I. My wife suggested that I had never washed windows before. I suspect she was wondering what ailment had befallen me. So why now? It seems that a couple of birds had it in for us this year and crapped on a few of our windows. Reminds me of . . . Doesn’t matter. I washed the windows. Proof that there is always hope for change.

One of my friends on Facebook threw out a challenge that everyone should check out what the number one song was the week they were born. Interesting. My first thought was that I would not recognize the song as that is a few years ago. Later than 1948 but a lot earlier than when I started listening to secular music. (That, again, is a story best left for another day) So I googled it. Was surprised. I know the song well. “Heartaches By The Number”. Who would have thought it? Never knew that song was that old. It has been sung by different folks through the years. I imagine I could write a separate narrative on that song and how it relates to my life. I will abstain, for the time being. It might be too depressing.

On to my question. My son and I have been having a discussion. It has been interesting. The question is this. Do things happen for a reason or do we just have the ability to garner positives out of negative events in our lives? I have mentioned in previous blogs how many of my friends, colleagues, family members and clients are experiencing challenges in their lives. Health threats, jobs that did not materialize, a miscarriage, accidents and loss of loved ones. Perhaps that initiated the discussion. It seems that my son and I are in agreement on this point. Before I divulge my thoughts I would like to hear from you. Give it some thought and please let me know what you think. In the meantime here’s to longer days and warmer sunshine. Make it a good one.

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