The Recovering Farmer

Friday, January 6, 2012

Woof Woof

So I am enjoying a peaceful ride into Brandon to spend the day at the office. I am enjoying some classic rock music, just kind of zoned out. Not even experiencing any road rage, yet. Key word being yet. The word “yet” reminds me of an old riddle. Little Johnny drove his bike across the bridge and yet he walked. How is that possible? Read on. I will provide an answer. I digress. Back to my peaceful ride. The announcer comes on and informs the listeners that they have discovered a new cure for baldness. That piqued my interest. Baldness has been part of my life for many years. Never gave it much thought. Never worried much about it. Certainly not like some other people I know. Always accepted it as a part of life. Certainly never considered a comb over. Seen some real doozies out there.

The concern I have had, over the years, has been the shape of my head. If you ever take the time to study, I use the term loosely, men’s heads, you will notice that the shape of the head dictates how acceptable baldness is. Many heads have a nice round, sculpted shape. I don’t enjoy that luxury. When I look at the top of my head I notice a distinct ridge running down the middle. Somewhat similar to ice when it heaves under pressure. Something has to give and so it creates ridges. That is my dilemma. A ridge. See, if it wasn’t for the ridge I would even contemplate getting a buzz cut. Even try shaving my head. But no, I am dealing with a ridge.

So back to the cure. The announcer suggested that dog hormones was the next cure. Really. Dog hormones. The thought is that because dogs grow thicker fur for the winter, dog hormones injected in men would increase the ability to grow hair. Think about this. Brings on a host of questions. Of course, I wonder what the side effects would be. Would I start chasing cars? Would I bark every time the door bell rings? Would I have an over whelming urge to drink from a toilet bowl? How about fire hydrants, tires, and anything else a dog likes to pee on? Not sure it is worth it. Woof.

The bigger question is, who actually did the research on this? Who paid for this research? It would seem to me that there would be more important places to spend research dollars. Then again, the way some people try to cover their baldness ???? Perhaps not.

Just about when my mind was overwhelmed with questions regarding dog hormones I pulled up behind a long line of traffic because someone decided that they were not going to drive the speed limit. Thank goodness I could get my thinking back to drivers on the road inconveniencing everyone around them. Got the adrenaline going. Found myself getting irritated. Was feeling normal again. Forgot about baldness. Was reminded of the advice from a co-worker. Breath. I need to breath. Get myself back to the present. Ahhh. Feel better already.

So, have you figured out the answer to the riddle? “Yet” was his dog. Don’t get it? Go back and read the riddle again. It will make sense, eventually. As for me, back to work. But believe me, I think the world is going to the dogs. Make it a good one.

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