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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Investing In Hope

I bought a lottery ticket. I am dreaming of what I will do with 47 million dollars. After all that is what the jackpot is tonight. Can you believe it? 47 million dollars. I should really cancel my tee time for tomorrow morning because I will be busy spending all that money. Not sure where to start. I know many of you could and would help me.

Last week my daughter started sharing with me how she would spend that kind of money. She had an extensive list. She promised to pay off our mortgage. Right on. She had all kinds of plans. After she had listed many of the things she would do she looked at me and informed me that she had spent most of it. I chuckled. I told her that what she had just told me she was going to do would cost her approximately a million dollars. Plus, I added, in the meantime the interest on the balance of the money had already returned her more than she had spent. I told her she would have to try harder. Spend more. And spend faster.

My son and I talked about this the other night. You must be thinking by now that’s all my family talks about. Not really. You see, I was doing some paper work. Cleaning out my wallet. Doing my GST. I came across a ticket I had bought last November. An indication of how often, or should I say seldom, I buy a ticket. You see, I have this theory. As long as I don’t check the ticket I am a winner. I can dream big. I can think of all the good I would do if I only won. Seems to me that the big guy upstairs would want me to win so I could carry out all these good deeds. Yeah, right. Me thinks not. I suspect that winning that kind of money could have a detrimental effect on anyone’s life. Some say money does not buy happiness. I think I would like to try.
My son calls this an investment in hope. He tells me that when I purchase a ticket and don’t check the numbers I have hope. Hope for all financial woes to disappear. Hope for something better than living from paycheck to paycheck. In general, hope for a better life. However, I do notice that he has his tongue firmly planted in his cheek. Me thinks he is kidding.

I am reminded of the story of the fellow who was convinced that the world would be a better place if he won the lottery. He was a strong believer in a higher being and prayed diligently that he would win the lottery. After all, he told God, he would help others, he would be unselfish. As the weeks went by he prayed harder each week but never did win. One day he just could not take it anymore. He became angry with God and told him so. This time God answered him. Simply and quietly suggested to the man to help him out and buy a ticket.

Sometimes I find myself thinking that I really do deserve to win. Of course, each time that happens I meet someone who deserves it much more than I do. So I need to get back to the real world. Do my job. Earn that paycheck. The only question left is, do I check my ticket or do I wait? In the meantime if you really want to win the lottery make sure you buy a ticket. Make it a good one.

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