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Sunday, July 8, 2012

A Tim Horton’s Start

What is it about coffee? Why do I feel the need for coffee first thing in the morning? What is it about that black, bitter liquid that gets me going every morning? (inject sound of me taking a sip from my third cup) Do you ever take the time to look at a coffee carafe which has sat idle for a day with yesterday’s leftovers? I don’t get it. I remember back on the farm we would drink instant coffee. Crank up the hot water tank so it was hot enough. It was quick. But I also remember what the cups looked like after a while. Like I said. I don’t get it.

I remember growing up we had a rule in our house. We could not drink coffee till we were 12. Not sure what was magical about that age. Perhaps it was the old myth about it stunting your growth. Stunting your growth? If that is really true me thinks there is a health issue and we shouldn’t drink it at all. All my friends could drink coffee whenever they wanted. Not fair. See? I have been scarred for life. Let me think. Perhaps their growth was stunted.

I have always enjoyed Tim Horton’s. I hear people debating which coffee is better. Not sure that I have a strong opinion on that. Not that long ago I had three of our kids with me on a quick trip to the city. They wanted a Starbuck’s. Okay. I had never tried their coffee so I agreed. Went through the drive through. Ended up paying twenty bucks for four coffees. That seems rather excessive. Actually that seems rather obscene. Way beyond my pay grade. To top it off the coffee was not good. Actually what I like about Tim’s is their muffins. More specifically, their raisin bran muffins. Although each time I order one of those I just know the cashier is looking at me and thinking there is another old f%#t that’s not regular. So it may have some added benefits. I still like the taste. That is my story and I am sticking to it.

Early yesterday I ventured out for a round of golf. I had sat on the deck and enjoyed my coffee in the company of my wife. I had visions of grandeur. I could feel it. I was going to have a great round. But the start was not that great. Found water on the first hole. Found water on the second hole. Not what I had hoped for. Not what I had envisioned. When I finally finished the second hole one of my playing partners looked at me and commented that I had had a Tim Horton’s start. Made no sense to me. What the heck was he talking about. The he explained. I had started out with two double bogies. That meant I had had a double double start. Just like a lot of people like their Timmie’s. Two creams, two sugars. Those that spend hours in a Tim’s line up will understand.

Life is like that. Sometimes when we get up in the morning we have visions of a great day. Then things go wrong. How often do we just simply say it’s going to be a bad day and carry on with that attitude? Yesterday I kept the faith. I knew I could still recover after two bad holes. And to a degree I did. Shot what seems to be my average round. So that meant there were some good holes. So I didn’t par the course. But it was a beautiful day. An enjoyable round. Now all I do is think about what if. That is not good either. I need to think about the next round. Enjoy it. Think big. Think positive.

As for Tim’s and coffee? Perhaps I need to revisit that one. Do you know that when you hit the age of 50 you have spent the equivalent of 5 years waiting in line? What a waste. And coffee? Not sure of any nutritional or other benefits. But I still like it. Make it a good one.

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