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Sunday, March 17, 2013

How About That

For the first time in a long time I am on the road. I mean literally. Since our move to La Salle this is somewhat outside the norm for me. Here it is Wednesday and I am sitting in a hotel in Dauphin. Like I say, it’s been a while. I remember when my wife, watching me pack my suitcase, made the comment that it had been awhile since she missed me. I think it must be my charming personality.

I have decided to go out on a limb. Ordered pizza. Delivered. Wow, living on the edge. Not only that, I ordered double cheese. Was tempted to order that one that has a wiener in the crust but resisted. Not sure I could handle that. Although tempted. My heart starts palpitating just thinking about it. Maybe next time. Not likely.

As the week goes on I find myself checking the weather more than I ever have. It appears that winter is here to stay. By the end of this week there is another heavy snowfall warning for western Manitoba. What’s up with that. No thaw in sight. One of these days it will start and then we may be in for another problem. Do I dare say the F word? I mean flood. Although there are some other F words that come to mind. I have to remember there is nothing I can do about the weather. Out of my control.

Some good news this week. My left handed friend had his semi-annual MRI and has been reassured that the cancer has not returned. Awesome. Because of a run in with a snowblower he has some work left to get back in golfing shape but that will come. Now that he can rest easy, as a result of the MRI, a positive mindset will help him get back to thinking golf, get back to getting better. As well the house buying debacle has ended on a positive note. The kids got the house. Someone suggested this week that there must have been divine intervention. Who am I to argue. Things worked out really well for them. Good stuff.

This morning we went to give them a hand with moving. It was cold. Darn cold. My daughter-in-law took one look at me and emphatically stated that I was not dressed for moving. Leather jacket and loafers. Loafers? Been awhile since I heard that one. My reward for being under dressed? I got to look after my grandson. Remind me to wear loafers again. The little guy has this ability to let me forget about all the cares and worries out there. Almost, and I repeat, almost makes me forget about the relentless winter. I don’t think he cares. I don’t think he knows. Someday, god willing, he will be an avid golfer and will watch the weather the same way I do.

With some of the discussions I have been involved in over the last year; divine intervention may be something I should be seeking regarding this ongoing debacle called winter. Just checked the forecast. Snow storm warning in effect. Okay. I really do need help. So what happens now? I know of one person who is hoping the snow sticks around because he needs some time to get other issues dealt with before he can golf. So if he is praying for this weather to stay and I am praying for nicer weather we can’t both get what we want. Quite a conundrum. Perhaps I need to change my prayer and seek divine intervention for my friend to be able to experience healing sooner rather than later. That may work. Make it a good one.

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