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Monday, March 17, 2014

Make It A Gooder

Last night my wife and I were watching a movie. If you had been fortunate enough to watch through the window you would have laughed. Every time a commercial came on we would run to our separate laptops to check weather. I know. Some of you are thinking that there would be nothing as funny as watching us through a window. The weather was bizarre. Zero visibility. I posted on Facebook that two years ago the golf course had opened and it had been plus 18. Not so much this year.

As I watched on radar and out the window I heard a long sigh from across the room. Another week was beginning and, quite frankly, we had no idea what it would bring. My wife looked at me and said we needed to make it a gooder. A gooder? Not sure that is a word but I knew exactly what she meant. We have the ability to control our destiny.

Okay. That really is a load of crap. We are not able to control our destiny. Do you ever stop and think what the world would look like if you had control? Much different. Let me assure you. However I do understand a quote I read this weekend. “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react.”

After the blinding snow storm yesterday I took my mother to some medical appointments this morning. The driveway was plugged. Roads were slippery. However I made it. Saw numerous other people that were not as lucky. Came close myself. Ever realize how helpless you are when another car is headed right for you? I saw it coming. I braced for the crash. It didn’t happen. Not sure my heart rate has recovered yet. That would have been a gooder. I don’t think that is what my wife was referring too when she suggested we make it a gooder.

Her suggestion made me think. How often do we or people around us mope through life? We grunt and groan and try to make it from one day to the next. We sit and ponder how life is so unfair. What if the weather was nicer? What if my job paid more? What if I had more money? What if I didn’t have these challenges? I suspect we could always ask “what if”.

In my journeys this morning I stopped in at an uncle and aunt. They needed something to be picked up at the Pharmacy. I did that. I delivered it. I stopped for a fleeting moment for a chat. It was an eye opener.

My uncle had a stroke a number of years ago. It has been devastating for him and for the family. A fellow that used to be active in life. Enjoyed football. A long time season ticket holder to the Bombers. But a life irrevocably changed by a health challenge. A health challenge that confines him to a wheel chair. Trust me. Not what he wants.

As I got up to leave, telling them I needed to get to work, my uncle looked at me at said that he would like to be able to work. He would like to be clearing snow, take out the garbage, and look forward to cutting the grass. But life has dealt him a different card. He can only look out the window and wish. However, the smile on his face was enough to make my day. My aunt told a story that gave me a good belly laugh. I saw a home where there was a real effort to overcome the challenges that this imperfect planet has to offer us.

Gave me a new perspective. As much as I complain. As much as I wish the weather would improve. As much as I wish that I could win the lottery. I know that life is okay. I know that life could be so much more challenging than it really is. I know that at this point I have the ability to make it a gooder. And I know that I will try. Make it a good one.

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