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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Are You Serious

I am serious. It is the beginning of September. The weather is nice. Sun is shining. I should be golfing. Unfortunately I am not. It appears like I have developed a classic case of pneumonia. Sure wonder where that came from. So I am trying to get better by medicating and resting. Given me too much time to watch TV.

Raise your hand if you are already sick of the upcoming election. Seriously. The stars must be lining up. We have the American election coming next year and so we have a host of people vying to be leaders for their parties. We have the Canadian federal election campaign well under way. And already a hint of our provincial election coming next spring. Personally I am getting somewhat tired of the political rhetoric coming at us from all directions.

How about Donald Trump? Isn’t that enough to make one lose faith in anything political. And to think he is on top of the polls for the Republicans. His “bull in a china shop” approach is mind numbing and discouraging. From insulting anyone that gets in his way to some of his ideas that he wants to implement, a leader like that is scary. Just as walls come down in many countries he is suggesting building a wall between the US and Mexico. I wonder where that wall was when his ancestors came over. And now it has been suggested that a wall be built between Canada and the US. Are you serious?

In our federal election we seem to be hung up on hair, or shifty eyes, or anger, or beards, or. . . . Seriously? That is all we have? I have asked it before and will again. Where is there any substance to what we as a country need to build and grow? And to think there are more days in this campaign than we normally have. So hang on. Only 41 more days till this is over. Only 41 more days till you can cast your ballot. Trust me. It will feel like forever.

Of course we could start thinking ahead to Christmas. It is only 4 months away. But that only brings a host of other issues to worry about. Snow. Cold. Short days. Not pleasant me thinks. After all we are still enjoying summer. At least trying to.

There you have it. Perhaps now that I have written about the frustration of anything political I won’t have to think about it. Yeah right. Only if I bury my head in the sand. Perhaps take some advice from a dog. See, I told you I could come up with more animals to write about. Saw this the other day and thought how applicable. “Handle every stressful situation like a dog. If you can’t eat it or play with it pee on it and walk away”. I like that. Now you know what I am doing with the election. At least until election day. At that point I must do my civic duty.

Perhaps I am to negative. I should not be. Summer has been good. Golf game was improving. My mental health is better. I have so much to be thankful for. So enjoy it. Each day is something to be treasured. Make it count. And as far as politics go, what would we complain about if politics were to disappear. And Christmas, with the snow and cold, is coming. But not something to worry about just yet. So here is to the rest of the summer. Seriously! Make it a good one.

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