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Friday, May 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Coca Cola

125 years old. Imagine that. I have enjoyed Coke for years. Actually, make that Diet Coke. People ask me why I drink diet rather than regular. It’s simple. I like it better. It did not start out that way. I recall about 30 years and 50 pounds ago drinking regular Pepsi. One day, when I realized the correlation between the amount of pop I was drinking and my weight, I switched to Diet Pepsi. It was quite a struggle. But like everything else in life it’s a simple matter of getting used to it. Hey, I recall clearly stating that I would never eat broccoli. It’s actually not bad.

Over the years I have consumed copious amounts of Diet Coke. It’s good. It’s refreshing. It serves a purpose. Through these years I have also been lectured by many on the negative effects of Coke. I have been told it destroys brain cells. It rots the stomach. It, just plain and simple, is not healthy. Based on my consumption I would then suggest that I have no brain cells left. (some people probably would agree with that one) Stomach must be gone. If you google the effects of Coke, on the internet, you will find many different tales of the benefits of Coke as well as many on the negative effects. From curing the trots to helping if your constipated. (sounds like a contradiction)From cleaning baking pans to plumping up raisins. 30 years ago I drove trucks for a building mover. One day we experienced some bad battery connections. My boss sent me to the store to buy Coke to clean battery terminals. It worked. It also cleans tires. It cuts through grease. It eats away at rust. In fact, I have been told that if you put nails into Coke the nails will disappear. I really wonder how much of this is true.

An amazing fact about Coke is this. 125 years ago they sold an average of 9 drinks per day. Today they claim to sell 1.7 billion, yes, that’s right. 1.7 billion Coke drinks are sold every day. Quite the statistic. Quite the success story. And to think. I am part of that statistic. And have been for years. Ever taken the Pepsi challenge? Where you get blindfolded and asked to identify which is which? I suspect many people could not. Although they will argue long and hard that it is possible. Ever notice that when you ask for diet coke in a restaurant that they ask whether diet pepsi would be okay? And vice versa. Sometimes I wonder whether there really is a difference.

Well, here is to Diet Coke. I love it. Make it a good one.

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