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Friday, May 6, 2011

The Week That Was

They always say, and, yes I wrote about it, that when March comes in like a lion it will go out like a lamb. Or vice versa. Usually this refers to weather. When I sit back and review the events of the first week in May, I think a strong case can be made that May came in like a lion. Last Friday I was in Winnipeg and the thermometer in my car showed a balmy 26 degrees. The sun was shining, anticipation of a long awaited for spring and summer was high. Little did we know what awaited us in the following forty eight hours. It was similar to arriving back in Manitoba, after a tropical holiday, in January. By mid-afternoon Saturday the skies had turned angry, the wind was howling and, yes, the steady downpour of rain was turning to snow. Even then, and in spite of the weather warnings, common sense was saying this would be short lived. I had yard work to do. I wanted to enjoy a game of golf. Neighbors were itching to start field work. It was not to be. By Sunday morning we were entombed in a winter, dare I say, wonderland. I found that my eyes were arguing with my brain. My brain was telling me it was spring, grass was turning green, birds were out and warm temperatures would prevail. My eyes, however, saw a different picture. It was cold. It was windy. It was snowing. Even the birds were confused.

Aside from the weather there were other events that reverberated around the world. A royal wedding. An election. They finally found Osama. What we know for sure was that the wedding happened. It was on every single solitary channel Friday morning when all I wanted was to watch some news. We also know that the Conservatives won an overwhelming majority. And how about those NDPs? Making history. Here is hoping that the history that was made will bode well for Canadians. Do I sound sceptical? I will let you decide that. Now the question remains, is Osama really dead? All kinds of conspiracy theories circulating on that one. Not sure it really matters in my world.

The highlight of my week was the Farmer to Farmer workshop on Wednesday. Although a PowerPoint presentation had been prepared it was hardly used as participants talked about personal experiences as it relates to stress management. Of particular interest was a couple who had lost their farm a number of years ago but were still feeling loss. They attended the workshop on work/life balance after hearing about it on a radio show. They felt apprehensive about attending because, like many of us, they were keenly aware of the stigma attached to financial stress on the farm, losing the farm and the many emotions that accompany these experiences. It was great to hear them relate how the last week had been more positive because of the workshop and the enthusiasm they now have for future events. Other participants shared personal experiences which reminded me, again, that we can learn from each other and be a support to each other.

There you have it. The week that was. Never a dull moment. Here is hoping that the weekend brings with it some warmer temperatures, a little less wind, no rain and a real sense that the world is in balance. Make it a good one.

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