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Friday, March 30, 2012

All Things Considered. . .

Last fall I wrote about people facing extraordinary challenges in their lives. Of particular concern was my friend, compatriot and golf buddy. I refer to him as that certain left hander. We have laughed together and cried together. Shared together. He has helped me with an awful lot in my life. He was always there for me as I faced different challenges. Since last fall he has been dealing with the dreaded C word. Cancer. A disease that is not only devastating physically, but has the potential to wreak havoc with one’s mental and emotional being as well. It has been worrying. Never sure what’s around the next corner. He finally had his surgery this week. The reports are positive. But again, he has to wait. Two more weeks before he finds out whether the operation was a complete success or whether there will be a requirement for further treatments. I visited him last night. It was good to see that through all of this he has maintained his sense of humour. My thoughts and prayers are with him as he starts out on the next step. The road to recovery. It won’t always be easy. Especially knowing that he would much rather be out on the golf course. I know that time will come.

I also mentioned that someone very close to us had lost their pregnancy just as they were beginning to share that news with loved ones. That someone was our kids. It was devastating. A few weeks ago we heard that she was pregnant. However, they wanted to wait with telling others till they were more certain that things would be okay. An ultrasound today showed that baby and mother are healthy. Great news. Looking forward to that. Wait a minute. That means I will be a grandpa. That means I am old. Think back to your first images of your grandparents. My first recollection is that my grandparents were really old. Now I am there. Perhaps I now have an excuse if I moan and groan every time I move. I will be a grandpa, so there. My daughter in law phoned to share the news. She also related how, while watching the ultrasound, the baby had turned over and mooned them. She said that the baby is already acting like a Friesen. Haha.

I find myself being apprehensive over what might be around the next corner. Things have gone so well since the start of the New Year. Something bad must be lurking around the next corner. Often that is a response I hear from many of the people I deal with. They lose their way. They are caught in that foggy middle. However, I have, as have many that have gone before, come through bad experiences to discover new life. Totally unexpected. Not planned but certainly positive. As difficult as it may be, as hopeless as it may seem, one must arise to the challenges, surround yourself with your support system, and meet the challenges as they come.

Just as I was crafting these thoughts another friend sent me a text. A simple quote. “ The better off you are the more unrealistic your expectations are”. Interesting. Need to think about that. In the meantime? Make it a good one.

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