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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Is Tiger Back?

Writing about golf in March? Bizarre. The weather this winter has been unbelievable. I went golfing two weeks ago. No jacket. Since then the weather has not been conducive for golf. I did have a tee time last weekend but never did go. The temperature dropped to 3, winds were gusting to 60 km/hr, and there were rain showers. I don’t think so. My buddy called me a wuss. (actually it was worse but I can’t print that in this family friendly blog) I suspect he would have, given a choice, preferred golfing to what he is going through. He is the one who has just had cancer surgery and is now in recovery mode. This weekend looks a little more promising.

I never thought I would write anything about Tiger. Never been a fan of his. His personal debacle over the last few years added to an existing dislike. However, this past week Tiger did win a tournament for the first time in 923 days. Considering the amount of tournaments he won previously this was an anomaly. He has experienced significant personal issues. He has had physical issues and he has had to make swing changes. It has been interesting to watch his journey. In the past, whenever I watched golf and it was obvious that Tiger would win, I would quit watching. It became nauseating. This time it was different. I knew he was not infallible. So I kept watching. Hoping for a meltdown. It didn’t happen.

As I watched him win I have to admit that I, begrudgingly, admired him for the comeback. He has faced incredible adversity. Yes, I know, most of it self-inflicted. He has persevered. He has practised. This is not about his personal life but rather about his golfing abilities. I recall a few years ago that I did a presentation on stress management. Part of my presentation usually involves my personal story. I have shared how my wife has suggested to me that she has been married to a number of different husbands. The reasoning behind this thought is the changes I have gone through. I was a different person for periods of time. Some of those “husbands” have not made very good partners for her. Financial stress, addictions, and depression wreak havoc on relationships. After the presentation a certain gentleman let it be known he was quite upset with what I had said. When I pursued that with him he drew a comparison to Tiger Woods and his non-marital escapades. Not sure I get that. I had shared an experience with the group that was personal, tragic, and emotional. He likened me to Tiger. I know this gentleman does not get it. So be it.

I have struggled with my golf game over the last few years. Just not been able to remain consistent. It has been frustrating. I have sometimes felt like giving it up. It started when I was having mental health issues. Financial issues were consuming my thoughts. Just as I was beginning to recover from that I faced some health issues. I developed cataracts. I experienced a retinal detachment. Not easy to golf when you have numerous eye surgeries during the course of the summer and the doctor says no golf. Not easy to golf when you’re blind in one eye. Next time you are putting close one eye. It was actually humorous. Not for me, for the other guys I was with. But, thankfully, that is behind me. There is something to be said about modern medicine. I can see. With both eyes. No more excuses.

There is also a correlation to be drawn with our personal lives. Many times we face hurdles in life. Often times they appear to be impossible to overcome. Often times we cry out “why me”. And yet we do overcome. We persevere. We hang in there. We move on. There is hope. There is relief. Now I have to take that to heart and practice my golf. Perhaps I can win again. Tiger did. Make it a good one.

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