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Monday, April 22, 2013

Some Thoughts

I am looking out the window this morning and I see beautiful sunshine. It looks almost spring like. Could it be? The problem is most of the brightness is because the sun is reflecting off snow. That needs to change. Having said that I seem to be spending an inordinate time thinking. Perhaps some creative thought but for the most part not.

Saw a wall hanging the other day. It simply said, “the best things in life are not things”. As I recall, I saw that the same night that there was a record lottery win. No. I did not buy a ticket. A 1 in 14 million chance did not sound promising. I am hoping there is a better chance that we will get spring. During a news cast that day it was reported that, on average, lottery winners lose their winnings within seven years. That certainly puts “things” in perspective. How often do we look around and wish for some material “thing”? Far too often me thinks.

I have often mentioned the fast paced world we live in. How we cope becomes an issue. Do you ever notice that when you are in a stressful situation you wish for a cigarette, a strong drink, some chocolate cake? We seem to have these cravings that we know will help us overcome the situation we happen to be in. This may be a problem for some as it can easily lead to addiction. That in itself can be problematic. Trust me, I have been there. I have had to “quit” numerous “bad” habits or addictions in my life. Often times we are not aware that they are problems when in fact they are. I still maintain that some of those bad habits help us maintain our sanity. Unfortunately they can also kill us. “Quitting smoking or drinking does not help us live longer, it just feels like it.” That is probably not a scientifically proven point. For some strange reason I can relate.

I do some work in an office that is primarily women. When you go into the washroom there is a sign on the wall above the toilet. It says, and I quote, “please put down seat after use”. I have seen that in other washrooms and obviously heard that from many and all women around. I always found it rather curious. Why is that a concern? I am privy to a list called the “Man’s List”. Someday I would like to share it in its entirety. But for today I will share but one point. Again, I quote, “LEARN TO WORK THE TOILET SEAT. YOU'RE A BIG GIRL. IF IT'S UP, PUT IT DOWN. WE NEED IT UP, YOU NEED IT DOWN. YOU DON'T HEAR US COMPLAINING ABOUT YOU LEAVING IT DOWN”. Somehow, for some strange reason, that makes sense. Then again I am a mediator and try to find common ground. I will leave it at that.

The forecast tells me that by the end of this week we should have normal temperatures. That means that by May 1 I should be golfing. I have had a tough time believing the forecast but for some strange reason I am trusting it now. Perhaps it is desperation. Even my wife is hoping the weather will turn. Aside from the fact that she is sick and tired of winter driving, after all it has been six months, she is tired of me looking longingly out the back window. She also claims that I am getting very ornery. I said ornery. For me that is a sign of cabin fever. I need to get out. If these long winters become a norm I may have to take up a winter sport. Curling? God forbid. Make it a good one.

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