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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Spring is Sprung

Spring is sprung, the grass is ris, I wonder where them . . . Excuse me. Spring is sprung? Where? Not here. I am finding that this long, protracted winter is having a debilitating effect on everyone. People just seem to be “off”. I keep looking out of the window thinking this must change. I check the forecast and wonder whether they know what really is going on. Okay, granted, a slow melt is good. Particularly because of our above normal snow pack and the time of year. I may think that an ongoing winter is devastating but I know full well that a long, drawn out winter is minor compared to a flood. How do I know this? I married a woman who grew up in the Red River Valley. If anyone knows about floods its those folks. They have been there. They bought the Tshirts.

I have had significant difficulties in writing any type of blog. Not sure where to go. Even my happy place does not seem to be happy. I have played numerous golf courses in my mind but even that does not work. My anxiety levels are up. Way up. How do I combat that?

I think there is hope. I hope there is hope. I need there to be hope. But all I see is snow. It will take some time to get rid of that. In desperation I may have to take up snow golf. But I don’t want to. In fact I have suggested to my family that should I be out there, playing snow golf, that they should do what it takes to take me out of my misery. Really. There must be more to life than that. I want spring.

It is interesting to see how our spring, or lack thereof, seems to have sucked out the life of most everyone around. Monday of this week it seemed that everyone I met was tired. Everyone seemed to be without energy. I should know. I was part of that group. Whenever I asked people how they were the answers were the same. Tired. Grouchy. Lack of energy. Where is spring?

So I was going along with the idea that a slow melt was a good thing. That is what we have heard for the last month or more. To avoid a major flood event we were better off if there was a slower melt. I tried to overcome my selfish desires to golf because I realize full well what devastation a flood has. Now I hear that the melt is to slow. That has now become an issue. Excuse me? We can’t seem to win.

Yesterday morning my son informed me that the long range forecast was for a colder than normal summer. I thanked him for providing me with hope for something better. NOT. I shared my frustrations with a group later in the afternoon. One of the participants in that discussion said I needed to relax. It was only April. Things would get better. They always had. My response to him was that in just over two months the days were getting shorter and then the summer was basically over and so what was the use.

Yes, it sounds like I have given up. To top it all off this is the Masters weekend. My all-time favorite golf tournament. Played down in Georgia. Where the azaleas are in full bloom. Stunning vista. Entertaining golf. But guess what? I am missing it all. Going on a short jaunt for the weekend. Check out the spa in Moose Jaw. Poor planning on my part. Perhaps I can fill my emotional gas tank. That is my only hope. The question is, do they have TV’s out there? Oh, I will pay for that. Oh well. Make it a good one.

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