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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

I Wonder Why

News headline of the day. “U.S. prison officials accidently kill man they were trying to execute.”

Seriously. Not kidding. Found in the April 30, 2014 edition of the National Post.

Last night as I was trying to settle down and get, at minimum, a decent night’s sleep I thought of the title for this because there are two things that I want to mention. Okay. Rant. I need to rant. The point being that the headline mentioned above has nothing to do with what I am about to say. It just caught my eye as I was trying to wake up with my morning coffee. Although it did make me wonder.

I need to give credit to a lot of people. I have a new sense of appreciation for all these folks that I see deftly handling whatever mode of communication is the flavor of the day. So I needed a new phone. Well, perhaps not a phone but a new number. I suppose after two years it was time to get rid of the Brandon number. Tough to do. I have had that since 1991. That is when I got my first cell phone. How things have changed. I have gone from a bag phone to a “brick” to little device called a flip phone to a Blackberry to an Iphone and numerous different versions in between. HELP.

It wasn’t supposed to happen that way but it did. I was coerced into purchasing the Iphone. So I am learning new technology again. Not any easier than it has been in the past. Then I wonder why. Why do we need this technology? Why do I feel lost without a phone attached to my hip? Why do I have to be in constant contact? Why, why, why? Gets very frustrating.

For the last six months, pretty close to the day, I have been wondering when the golf course would open. I missed golf. I missed the camaraderie of my golfing friends. I missed the exercise. I missed the thrill of hitting a ball on the sweet spot. I missed the feel of winning some money. Albeit pocket change.

Last night I had an invitation to venture out. First round of the year. Half way through the round I was desperately trying to figure out why I would want to partake in this sport. The grass was brown. The wind was howling. The ground was wet. The greens were not green. After 15 holes I was down most of my life savings, or approximately $3.25. I was tired. My feet hurt. Really? I wondered why.

Then as the sun was setting and the wind chill dipped to a balmy -20 we approached the 17th hole. Dead into the wind. I used a knock down shot, whatever that means. I lost sight of the ball as it sailed into the horizon. My partners suggested it was good although I have no idea how they knew. They were pouring fireballs. Somehow that seemed much more appropriate. Nonetheless as I walked up to the green I saw my ball. Pin high. Just a matter of putting it into the hole. And I did. From thirty feet. A birdie. A win. Nothing else mattered.

After that I did not need to wonder anymore. I knew I would be back. I know the conditions will get better. I will figure out my phone. I will figure out this game called golf. I will figure out this thing called life. It is called keeping the faith. And that, quite frankly, is all I have. Faith. Let’s see how that works out for me. Make it a good one.

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