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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Let’s Open A Window

As many self-employed people know there are times when it seems that we will never catch up to the work we have committed to. Perhaps commitments made in weak moments. Perhaps commitments made when we remembered the last time we were short on work. Regardless of the situation we find ourselves over doing it. We become tired. We become discouraged. We plug along hoping to someday catch up.

Then there are times when we have no work lined up. Seems to be feast or famine. Then we struggle to find work. Some of us struggle with self-esteem. We wonder if our gig is up. I keep being reminded of that saying; “inside each self-assured professional is a neurotic hoping to succeed before he is found out”. Does that mean I am busted? Found out? Perhaps there is nothing left for me. Perhaps being a Walmart greeter is all I can hope for.

Then I sit back and look at what I have done over the last years. I realize that I have a certain expertise I can share. Share with others so they too can enjoy life. I should not sell myself short. But I do. This week I have been pushed, pulled and dragged into an endeavor I am not sure about. Advertise myself? Promote? Really?

So my son is helping me in a business make-over. I have heard of some women, and an occasional man, go for a make-over. Not entirely sure what that consists of. Not entirely sure I want to know. When I look in the mirror I can only wish for a make-over. I suspect what I see is what I get and I better get used to it. Business wise I am open to suggestions.

My son has thrown down the gauntlet. Insists I market myself and that to do that effectively will mean some changes. You mean the website I have had for eight years doesn’t cut it anymore? Apparently not. I need to change it up. And add things. I need to sit back and write about what I do, what I enjoy doing and what it is that should make people curious about what I do and provide them ample reasons to pay me to do what I like to do.

All of this means stepping outside of the box. Not sure what it is. My age? My background? Seems difficult to do. Like an old worn out comforter. I know what makes me feel good. So leave it be. That apparently doesn’t cut it. So I am working on it.

The other evening when we were slowing down for the night, sitting back and catching our breath, I lamented to my wife that this new world we were entering felt uncomfortable. She looked at me and said; “Let’s open a window and see if we can get a breeze”. I like it. Open a window and see if we can get a breeze.

How often do we limit ourselves to what we have? Afraid of what is beyond our comfort zone. Not sure of who we are. Not sure of who we want to be. Just leave me alone. Things will work out. Sometimes the challenge becomes to step outside the norm. Remember? Make life changes before life changes. I need to work on that. Not easy, but here goes. Make it a good one.

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